Imagine yourself going through your week with little more calm, but productive edge. Your routine is smoother, morning traffic becomes stress free, and you are on point through out your work day. The things that use to bother you, just roll off your shoulders because you realize that life is short and it’s important not to sweat the small stuff. You are aligned with your goals and your mindset is positive and uplifting. There is a sense of calm and ease. Why is life so much simpler? Morning meditation. 

Breath in. Breath out. 🌬️

Could changing your life ever be so simple? Yes!

Meditation Health Benefits

So it begins. Meditation has become a craze and all for a good reason. Meditation actually changes your brain, and it is well known now through many research studies that meditation offers many health benefits.

Physical Benefits: 

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Lowers the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks
  • Decreases any tension-related pain
  • Increases serotonin production that improved mood
  • Improves the immune system
  • Increases energy level

Mental Benefits:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Emotional Stability improves
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased happiness
  • Intuition develops
  • Gain clarity and peace of mind
  • Through relaxation and focus, meditation sharpens the mind
  • Expanded consciousness

Why should I do morning meditation?

The morning is where we set our intentions for the day. You have heard the saying “Starting off the day on the right foot.” What we do in the morning matters. We may make our bed, go to the gym, eat a healthy breakfast, clean up, and wear our favorite outfit for the day. Each of these factors serves our well being, but a full mind and body routine would not be complete without mental clarity

Some people like to say they do things in the morning to “get it out of the way”, but that mindset is telling ourselves that that “thing” is not something we enjoy doing. Think of your morning meditation as a time for serenity.

Look forward to the few minutes you have to clear your mind and set your intentions for your day. The time you put into your morning meditation will equate to having a more conscious, productive, and focused day. Imagine getting more out the time we spent awake. It is about working smarter, not harder. By adding morning mediation to your routine, you allowing yourself to have a smarter day. 

How long should I meditate for?

The length of your morning meditation is entirely up to you and your schedule. Unlike popular belief, you do not need to spend an hour meditating to get the health benefits. You can dedicate anywhere between 5 minutes or more to your morning meditation. 

As a beginner, we advise that you start with a short meditation and try meditation longer once you become more comfortable with the technique. Over time, you will be training your brain calmness and mental clarity.

Where can I meditate?

Meditation can take place anywhere you can find a space that is comfortable and quiet. Sit up in bed, on the couch, a chair, or just a cushion on the floor.

The key is to find a comfortable sitting spot and position that you will be able to maintain throughout your meditation practice. Don’t worry about sitting lotus style, just concentrate on starting your meditation practice.

🧘 15 Guided Morning Mediation Videos For Beginners

The following suggested guided morning meditations are sectioned by length. Each has a dedicated topic to help you focus on through out your day. Try one or try them all. 

🧘 – 5 Minute Morning Meditation Videos

Mindful Breathing

This is a simple breathing meditation designed for beginners. If this is the first time trying meditation, this video is for you. With just vocal audio, this video will instruct you how and where to focus your breath.

Simple Meditation For Beginners

This video includes soothing background music, along with vocal audio. This morning meditation brings awareness to our thought patterns, teaching you to empty your mind.

Positive Mind

Start your day with a light feeling of freshness. This morning meditation will program your mind for positive thinking.

Setting Your Day’s Intentions

Set your intentions with Deepak Chopra. You will create the situations, senses, and events that will organize themselves those intentions.

Miracle Morning Meditation: Productive and Joyful Day

Produce a sense of calm and visualize your way to a productive and joyful day.

🧘 – 10 Minute Morning Meditation Videos

A Life of Purpose

Lost with your intentions, this meditation will help guide you to clearer thoughts about your life’s purpose.

Focus & Productivity

What are you intentions for the day? Sharpen the mind, but clearing it for focus and productivity.


What are you thankful for in your life. Stay present by focusing on the positive and goodness that already exist in your life. 

Calm Your Thoughts & Overthinking

Overthinking and anxiety are no way to start your day. Calm the mind with this morning meditation.


This a limited guided meditation that focuses on the awareness of breath and body sensations.

🧘- 20 Minute Morning Meditation Videos

Chakra Balancing, Cleansing, and Healing

Balance, cleanse, and heal your individual chakras and the system as a whole. This visualization is relaxing and balances your energy. Its effects are strengthened the more you practice this type of meditation.


Elevate your day with this morning meditation. Connect with positivity by focusing your mind with gratitude and experience increased motivation to achieve your goals. Includes closed caption options. You can follow along with your eyes open to experience this meditation.


Start your day with this breath of life to focus and return to the now and be present.

Being Present

This is a guided meditation to help you develop your skill of being mindful and present. It will reduce your stress level, as well as improve your overall health and well being when practiced regularly.

Connecting With Your Higher Self

Connect with your higher self, a 20 minute guided meditation to assist you in connecting to your higher self. Let go of all ego and earthly worries. Lay all your stressors on your higher self. It knows what to do. It will help you find the answers and guidance you are looking for.

Did you find any of these 15 Guided Morning Meditation Videos For Beginners helpful? Share you experience below.

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