Brené Brown gives me life… literally – She inspires us to live our life courageously, and I don’t think I fully attempted it until now. Have you seen Brené Brown’s new Netflix Special “Brené Brown: The Call To Courage”? She is a beautiful storyteller who not only makes you laugh, but will make you shed a few tears. As a vulnerability and shame researcher, she connects her personal stories with her research and pull at everyone’s heart strings. I bet you will be reaching for the Kleenex box for sure!

If you haven’t checked out the trailer already, be sure the have a peep and check out the 25 Best Vulnerability Quotes From Brené Brown‘s Netflix Special below!

How To Show Up In the Arena

"If you're brave with your life, if you choose to live in the arena, you're going to get your ass kicked. You're going to fall, you're going to fail, you're going to know heartbreak." – Brené Brown Share on X

“If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, I am not interested in or open to your feed back about my work. Period.

There are a million cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will never once step foot in that arena. They will never once put themselves out there, but they will make it a full time job to hurl criticism and judgement and really hateful things toward us.

We have got to get out of the habit of catching them, dissecting them, and holding them close to our hearts. We have to let them drop to the floor. Don’t grab that hurtful stuff from the cheap seats and pull it close. Don’t pull it anywhere near your heart, just let if fall to the ground.

You don’t have to stomp it, or kick it. You just have to step over it and keep going. You can’t take criticism and feedback from people who are not being brave with their lives.” – Brené Brown

"Vulnerability is not winning, it's not about losing. It's having the courage to show up when you can't control the outcome." – Brené Brown Share on X

“You have to be very specific about people’s opinion of you who matter. It’s not that you don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks, just don’t give a shit of what some people think. Then really solicit feedback from the people that do.

You know who makes that list? People who love you, not despite your imperfection and vulnerability, but because of your imperfection and vulnerability.” – Brené Brown

Stories We Tell Ourselves

“You show me a woman who can sit with a man in real shame, fear, and vulnerability and just be with him; I’ll show you a woman who’s done her work and doesn’t derive her status and power from that guy.

You show me a guy, who can sit with a woman, who’s in real shame, vulnerability, and not fix anything, but just listening; Ill show you a guy who’s done his work and doesn’t derive his power and status from being Oz, the fixer of all things.” – Brené Brown

“How many of you want more love & intimacy in your lives? You can’t have that if you don’t let yourself been seen. How can you let yourself be loved if can’t be seen? Vulnerability is the path back to each other, but we are so afraid to get on it. ” – Brené Brown


"Vulnerability is the center of shame, scarcity, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, but it is also the birthplace of love, belonging, and joy." – Brené Brown Share on X

Joy is the most vulnerable of human emotions. We are terrified to feel joy. So that amidst of great things, we literally dress rehearse tragedy. When we lose our capacity for vulnerability, joy becomes verboding. The research participants who had the ability to fully lean into joy only shared one variable in common. Gratitude. ” – Brené Brown

"To love is to be vulnerable, to give someone your heart and to say "I know this could hurt so bad, but I'm willing to be vulnerable and love you."" – Brené Brown Share on X

“I run with scissors” – Charlie Brown

"The opposite of belonging is fitting in. Fitting in is assessing and acclimating. True belonging doesn't require you to change who you are. It requires you to be who you are, and that's vulnerable. " – Brené Brown Share on X


"No vulnerability, no creativity. No tolerance for failure, no innovation. It is that simple. If you are not willing to fail, you can not innovate. If you can not build a vulnerable culture, you can't create." – Brené Brown Share on X
"We have to be able to choose courage over comfort and we have to say "look, I don't know if I'm going to nail this, but I'm going to try, because I sure as hell not going to do is stay quiet." – Brené Brown Share on X
"Brave leaders are never silent around hard things." – Brené Brown Share on X

The Myths of Vulnerability 

Vulnerability is weakness 

“Give me a single example of courage in your life or that you’ve witnessed in someonelses that did not require uncertainty, risk, or emotional exposure. I don’t think you can. There is no courage without vulnerability.” – Brené Brown

I don’t do vulnerability

“You do vulnerability knowingly, or vulnerability does you.” – Brené Brown

“It is so much easier to cause pain than to feel pain and people are taking their pain and they are working it out on other people. And when you don’t acknowledge your vulnerability, you work your shit out on other people. Stop working your shit out on other people.” – Brené Brown

I can’t go it alone

“We can’t go it alone. We are biologically hardwired for connection with other people. In the absence of connection, love, and belonging, there is always suffering.” – Brené Brown

You can’t engineer the uncertainty and discomfort out of vulnerability. 

“The minute it becomes comfortable, it’s not vulnerability.” – Brené Brown

Trust comes before vulnerability 

“Do I trust you then I’m vulnerable with you or am I vulnerable with you and then I learn to trust you?  The answer is “Yes, and”. It is a slow stacking over time of vulnerability of trust.” – Brené Brown

“You share with people who earned the right to hear your story. Your story is a privilege to hear. You don’t share it just because. Vulnerability minus boundaries = Not vulnerability.” – Brené Brown

Vulnerability is disclosure.

“You don’t measure vulnerability by the amount of disclosure. You measure it by the amount of courage to show up and be seen when you can’t control the outcome.” – Brené Brown

Being Brave 

"Maybe winning for you is just coming off the block and getting wet. " – Brené Brown Share on X

“Vulnerability is hard, it’s scary, and it feels dangerous, but it’s not as hard, scary, or dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and having to ask ourselves “what if I would have shown up, what if I would have said I love you, what if I would have come off the blocks?” – Brené Brown

“Show up, be seen, answer the call to courage, and come off the blocks. Because you’re worth it. You’re worth being brave!” – Brené Brown

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