conquering Chronic Illness

For many of us, chronic illness feels like we were robbed of goals and dreams. With the chronic fatigue, pain, and the worst – brain fog, how could we possibly be able to the athlete, CEO, or creative we once were or were planning to be?

The goal of this blog is to help those living with chronic illness pivot. We will learn to manage our mind, health, and lifestyle to help ourselves cope with chronic illness and lead us down a path to recovery and fulfillment.

With everything you’ve gone through, the emotional and physical roller coasters, you are a mental olympian and together we will train to build greater mental fitness.

About the Author

A few years ago, Mental Olympian was started as a community/blog that was intended to help others achieve self optimization. Like many others, I was apart of the “biohacker” community and had a very entrepreneurial driven mindset. You may identify with this type if you listen to podcasts like the Tim Ferris Show, Impact Theory, The Smart Passive Income, or School of Greatness.
At the time, I didn’t realize that I was starting this website to try and solve my own health problems. My headliner symptom was chronic fatigue, so I set out to figure out why my health was not improving. In between many doctors appointments, I was trying to “hack” my health. I exercised 5 days a week, ate a healthy diet, slept like a sleeping beauty, and tried to manage my mind. I felt like crap on a daily basis, but was living the epitome of a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until a few years later that I was diagnosed with ME/CFS.
Currently they say there is “no cure” for ME/CFS, but this just means they still don’t know enough about the disease and the research is still limited.
Even in the depths of our despair, many of us with chronic illness still have this hacker mentality. The goal of Mental Olympian is the Tim Ferris Show or Impact Theory for chronic health.
Always in search for a community, I have not found a blog that the health and entrepreneurial community who are living with chronic illness. This was frustrating! These communities target the go getters who are heatlhy and are capable of managing I life at high speed and fast recovery. Push, push, push! Faster, better, smarter! This is not the case for us spoonies!
After grappling with the fact that we actually are ill and that we have limitations, as far as mental/physical capabilities and speed, we have to adjust to achieving our goals and managing a healthy lifestyle within an envelope.
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