It’s going to happen if it hasn’t already; tough situations. You get fired from your job, someone passes away, get in an accident, they break up with you, you get sick, someone blows you off, you lose a lot of money on bitcoin. Whatever! You name it! Sometimes shit just happens that is completely out of our control. 

So, you raise your fist up to the universe and say! “Why me, Universe? Why now? Literally you picked the least convenient time for this bull shit to happen.” I mean, let’s be real though. Would there ever be a good time for bullshit to happen?!

So let’s talk about it. What is done is done, so how can we be making the most out of life? Let me break it down:

You Can Only Control Yourself

At the end of the day, you can only control yourself, your emotions, and your actions. You can’t control random events, the weather, or even other people. Usually these tough events trigger negative emotions in us and our first impulse is to react. We go into a rage of frustration or sadness because we feel wronged or set back in life.

Allow yourself to process negative emotions around the situation, but don’t let yourself stay there forever. Why continue to make yourself feel worse on top of the tough situation. Your mindset is everything and literally the only thing you have left in this scenario to get you to move forward.

“You are getting hammered into a sword.” This is what my dad would always tell me after I would call home crying about a new situation. He was right though. In the thick of things, the situation is painful! This pain knocks you down time and time again, but you have to continue to pick yourself back up. When you do, you are so much stronger, sharper, and wiser. 

Trust The Process

I found that having faith in believing that everything happens for a reason makes it easier to manage tough situations. Whether or not you have certain religious or spiritual beliefs, try to look at your life from a bigger picture. Where you are now is based on an accumulation of life events. You had to date these 5 people before you could find the one. You had to climb the corporate ladder before you got your dream job. You had to go through grade school, high school, then college to start your career. 

Along the way, you did things you didn’t want to do, had unexpected events occur, and dealt with growing pains. That is life. It is not linear, but you keep moving forward. Trust the process. Some days you will have to take 3 steps back in order to finally take 5 steps forward.

When you trust the process that where you are is where you’re meant to be, you can allow yourself to relax. In time, greater things will happen if only you just trust the process. 

Find The Greater Good

Tough situations are never convenient in the moment, but they can always serve a greater purpose if you let it. – Here are two quotes to think about when it comes to making the most of our tough situations. 

A bad day for the ego is a really good day for the soul – Preston Smiles

How can you make the worst thing the best thing that’s ever happened to you? – Tony Robbins

Try to find the silver lining in your situation. There is always a lesson you can learn, whether that be a great lesson about life or even just learning more about yourself and where you can improve.

Mindset is everything! What you tell yourself is your reality, so when you change the story you tell yourself to something positive, you can find the greater good in the situation.

In Conclusion

Let the tough situations in your life be tests of your character and strength. Take a moment to sit with the negative emotions, do some introspection, and learn to make the most out of all situations. Over and over again, you will be able to pick yourself and dust yourself off, so that when the small bumps in life happen, you can trust in your ability to overcome them. – You got this!

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