Our natural environment holds the key to our health, and this includes hidden gems that lie right in front of us. Some of them are in our backyard or we pass by them on a regular basis. In the spiritual and new age community we have some clear winners for clearing and protecting your energetic and physical space. In this article, I’m going to discuss those and some other little natural gems that can help you.

White Sage

White sage is a popular go to for clearing negative energy and spaces. This herb is the heavyweight of energetic cleansers. White sage sticks can be found at your local crystal or spiritual shop and are used by lighting with fire and allowing the smoke to do its thing; or you can add  in your own incantations, chants or stated intentions to make the process of clearing more powerful.

 This is an ancient practice from Native Americans, and it works with the premise that the smoke of sage cleanses, repels and pulls out any negative energy from an item, person or space. Note the direction of the sage and this will give you extra clues as to where the energy is stuck. When you use sage for smudging make sure that you smudge yourself first to clear any negative vibrations to you may be carrying.

What people may have not been told is sage gets rid of good vibrations too and leaves a clean slate. So, if you are burning sage, be sure to ADD high vibrations back into the space. Such as playing music that you love, adding uplifting fragrances in the space and placing positive intent into your burning practice.


Another lesser known protectant is pine. Yes, good ole pine needles. Pine is an evergreen tree with many varieties and found in most places across the globe. Pine trees carries the energy of healing, long-lasting prosperity, protection and antibacterial properties. You can burn pine needles as an incense or carry it with you in your wallet. It not only purifies and repels negative energy in your location it also draws in money and prosperity. Another remedy from this gorgeous tree is pine needle tea which is rich in Vitamin C. Go Pine.


Basil is a herb that is used in the kitchen and often thrown on a pizza, but this little beauty packs a punch in other ways. Basil has protective qualities and can attract good fortune and luck to your home. You simply just need to sprinkle it around your home to protect the space. To draw in money, you can keep a sprig of it in your wallet or rub the scent of the plant around your coins before you use them. You can use basil as a purifier in the home as well by combining with lemon and putting in a spray bottle; spritz away! Basil teas are excellent for balancing the chakras and reducing stress and anxiety as it is a mild sedative.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a sacred holy wood from a magickal South American tree, this wood when burned is uplifting, refreshing, cleansing and protects your space. It is on the lighter side of energetic cleansers and is a great one for daily energy clearing and keeping you in good vibrations.

 It is burnt much like sage by fire and can relieve physical symptoms from; inflammation, colds and headaches. It increases creativity and induces the feeling of calm and peace. It doesn’t carry the same pungent smell as sage so it’s lighter on the nose as well! Like sage it can be used to cleanse your earthly crystals and ensure the continued high vibes of that stone.



Same, same, but different, cedar comes from the same family tree as the pine tree. Cedar trees in Sanskrit means `timber of the gods.’ Cedar wood can be burned in the home to clear negative energy and to refresh the space. Cedar is a protective and healing wood which can be used with positive intentions to ground you if you are feeling scattered.

 The smoke of cedar acts a repellant to bugs and moths in the home, symbolically releasing `spiritual bugs’ attached to us and clearing the space. Cedarwood as an oil is amazing as an antiseptic; a preventative measure for infections and it helps release toxins and reduce inflammation.


An all time favourite of mine is Sandalwood. I don’t know about you, but this particular wood variety is very strong, so introduce it as you will! Sandalwood is known as a popular essential oil and incense with a lovely invocative and sensual scent; it’s is probably not recognized for its protective qualities as well. 

The scent doesn’t come from the flowers but the wood itself. Sandalwood is used to clear the mind and bring you back to centre and can open up clairvoyance. If you combine sandalwood, basil and sage then burn this combination it is a sure-fire winner for space clearing and repelling negativity. 

Sandalwood stimulates the root chakra increasing your sense of safety, protection, self-esteem and self-identity. Sandalwood is fantastic for stress relief in combination with the soothing plant of lavender and promotes serenity, peaceful sleep and reduced anxiety.


Preferably Himalayan salt as it is closer to its purest form but if you don’t have it you can use table salt. If you want to disperse negative energies or repel them from your home sprinkle some Himalayan salt around your door your windows.

The reason being is that salt draws out and absorbs negative and psychic energy. Or get yourself a salt lamp particularly if you own a lot of electronic devices it can offset the negative energy that these items hold. Salt is also great to sprinkle in your purse especially if you are entering large crowds or in public spaces. That salt over the shoulder trick doesn’t seem so silly now does it? 

If you place your crystals in salt this will absorb any negative energy that these hold as well. Taking a salt bath or swimming in the ocean has a myriad of benefits and placing your spare coins in salt will help draw out the negative energy contained in them from people handling them.

Wishing you high vibrations, protection and healing vibes. Take a look around in your natural environment and know that you have all you need to stay uplifted!

Written By: Latesha Houston

A self taught artist, lover of nature, fantasy and the hidden realms of the universe. A creative who loves to write, inspire and motivate others.

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