In life, there are going to be let downs. The puck is going to slip past you and life scores a point against you. When faced with challenges YOU make the CHOICE on how to deal with them! In playing the game, you can either sulk or brush it off and move on.

My father always would use the analogy of a hockey goalie, specifically Tim Thomas, (naturally, being a Bruins fan! Go Bruins!) on how to approach life’s challenges. I’ve always favored Tim’s even-keeledness in the game and I like to think that partly why he was so good at what he did was based on not only his skill, but mindset in the game! Often smiling or holding his pokerface, Tim was great a keeping it cool, making saves. (Don’t be like Tuukka, who often who has no poker face)

Tuukka Slashing Angry Gif

So as I relate life to being a hockey goalie, think of life as a game and how you can react to the challenges.

1. Keep it cool

Don’t psych yourself out. Just because you couldn’t make the save, don’t let this affect the rest of your game. Your goal (no pun intended) is not to focus on what has already slipped past you, but focusing on killing it! Do so by being leveled head in the game! It’s like when someone tries to piss you off and they are satisfied when they get a reaction out of you. Don’t give them that reaction they want. Smile!

That’s #MentalFitness right there!

2. Move on

Yeah, maybe you missed one, or a few? But why would ruminating about how you “fucked up” before help you now? Don’t focus on the past on what “should” have happened or what you “should” have done. Take note of what did happen, learn quick, and get back on your feet.

3. Focus on the next opportunity

Your new goal is to focus on the next opportunity. Keep on keeping on! Look the next challenge in the face! Focus on it. Beat it!

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