What do you think of when you hear the word “weird”? Does a particular image or memory come to mind? Most of us growing up associated weird with a negative connotation. This is probably due to how you or others were labeled when the word was used; a put down. I myself had been called weird many times growing up, even though I didn’t feel particularly odd.

It made me stop and wonder, why is it that I seem different to others? Is there something that is threatening or outstanding? What does the word “Weird” even mean?

Some of us are use to this definition of weird: Strange.

But take a look at the other definitions of weird. 


adjective: weird; comparative adjective: weirder; superlative adjective: weirdest

  1. suggesting something supernatural; uncanny. “the weird crying of a seal “very strange; bizarre.”a weird coincidence “ARCHAIC connected with fate.

noun ARCHAIC•SCOTTISH noun: weird; plural noun: weirds

  1. a person’s destiny.

How different is this than what we are use to. Fate? Destiny? Something supernatural? These all sound like positive attributes. 

Origin of the word Weird

Weird originates from the Old English word wyrd, which originates from the Germanic wurdi, meaning “fate, chance”, which is a  derivative from the base of *werþan- “to come about, happen, become”.

Huh, There must be something more to being weird!

Why you should embrace being weird

We need to look at weird from a whole new perspective. Generally we adopt the label of being weird, because it is something someone else called us. It is an observation made by others that there is a uniqueness about us. We clearly don’t mesh with the masses, whether that be how we dress, behave, or express ourselves.

The people who are pointing out that we are “weird”, are themselves a sheep. It is not unknown in human behavior to point out things that are different.

But why you ask? If they point out something different about me that is “weird”, why should I embrace that?

You should embrace your weirdness because your weirdness is your unique super power and your fate! It is your fingerprint that helps you be distinguishable to others. Who wants to be like everybody else anyway? Those who try to mold themselves to be like others are just people who are highly influential, lost, and/or uncomfortable with their true self.

It takes courage to be yourself because there is ridicule that will come along with it. When you embrace your weirdness, you are allow yourself the freedom of accepting your unique power.

Weird is your unique power

Being weird is your own unique power. Do you think if everybody thought the same that there would be as much innovation as there is today? Weird is not negative. Perspective is the soul of creativity. It is having the ability to think differently and question things, which gives birth to innovation.

“The Harvard psychologist Shelly Carson calls this weirdness “cognitive disinhibition,” and thinks that it’s at the heart of all creativity. If we’re always discarding our thoughts to fit in with whats acceptable, or correct, or accurate, we’re not going to have ideas that leap away from the ideas that are already there.” – Creative Quest by Questlove

Where do you think Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Oprah, Malal Yousafzai, etc. would be if they filtered their unique perspectives and worried about what others thought of them?

Weird is your fate

It is our destiny to be someone who sticks out from the crowd. Don’t let your weirdness hold you back because of how others treat you. These are just small minded people who have not woken up to appreciating their own unique gifts.

When you feel stuck, just think about any inspirational leader that you look up to. A majority of innovative thinkers have been told that their dreams were ludicrous. We now have motivational speakers telling us that if someone does not think your dream is crazy, you are not thinking big enough!

Let your fate guide you. Use your uniqueness to forge your own path. Drum to your own beat.

Stay weird, my friends!

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